Dheeraj Banerjea

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My name is Dheeraj Banerjea and I am a music producer and arranger based in Bangalore. I have done my musical training in Hindustani Classical Music, Bengali Folk and Western Choral Music. I have been producing music on Digital softwares since I was a child and have been part of many bands and musical groups during my college days. I have been a full time musician since February 2019.

My musical strengths are in the field of Acoustic music, Orchestral music, Indian and Western Rock, Indian Pop , Progressive Rock, Choir music, Acapella and Indian Folk. I have worked as a freelance music producer for studios, corporate clients and emerging artists and movie makers.

I also work as a live session guitarist as well as bass guitarist. I also play the tabla and a few Bengali folk instruments.

My Gigs

Short Intro
1:1 session to help songwriters understand basics of music production and get started on the journey
Music Production
Help songwriters produce music
Pre-scheduled live, online performances of Bengali Folk music